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The Alter Ego Effect

Towel Activation

In The Alter Ego Effect, I shared the story of Anthony, a young rising star in Maryland high school basketball who used a towel to activate his Alter Ego, deliberately wipe his face with it as if he were pulling on a panther mask like Spider-Man.

Anthony was always one of the best players on the court until another player transferred to his school for senior year. The new guy was an all-star, and it didn’t take long before Anthony started to second-guess himself, overthink his moves on the court, and worry what everyone watching the game must think of him.

He lost his edge and began to make mistakes. He desperately wanted to get his game back. In the end, Anthony chose a panther as his Alter Ego for its power, agility, and stamina. His Totem was a towel, and he Activated the panther just before the game started. To see this in action, watch the video below.