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The Alter Ego Effect

Totems & Artifacts

Your Alter Ego is real, and it needs to be grounded in a physical presence. That’s what your Totem or Artifact does. It's what you use to represent or connect to your Alter Ego giving it a form and a shape.

A Totem could be literally any object that helps you connect to your Alter Ego; a white lab coat, a uniform, a hat, a pair of glasses, the stage or field itself.  An Artifact is the same thing, except it has some sort of historical significance to you.  For example, a piece of jewelry that has been handed down for generations is an Artifact.

Artifacts carry additional significance based on the historical connection to your ancestors or family. This may provide additional meaning to you when activated. Whether you choose an Artifact or a Totem, their purpose is still the same, to activate your Alter Ego and carry the meaning of what you’re doing. Keep an eye out for more Totem inspiration, ideas and examples I’ll be sharing soon.

Your Activation Event can be anything that feels natural and comfortable, but it has to be a physical action. What you’re looking for is a simple and easy to perform trigger you can pair with your Totem or Artifact. Just make sure the trigger you select is something you can always do.

I’ve taught this process thousands of times to individuals and groups. Click the link below to watch me demonstrate how simple this can be.