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The Alter Ego Effect

Moments of Impact

Where Your Alter Ego Can Shine

There is any number of Moments of Impact you may experience in your life. As you build an Alter Ego for your Field of Play, there are elements of that Field that may especially challenge you. In these moments, you have an opportunity to fully embrace your secret identity and show up in the way you most desire.

Below is a list of potential Moments of Impact you may face within the world of sports, business, or your personal life, but it is not a comprehensive list. Use this as a jumping-off point to identify your own Moments where your Alter Ego can truly shine.

Personal Life.


Children can be such a joy, and with all good things, they come with plenty of challenges. Some parents find that how they respond when their child is having a meltdown is a Moment of Impact. Others rely on an Alter Ego during teachable moments and difficult conversations.

Financial Stress

When money is tight, it may be time for an Alter Ego to step in. They can help manage budgets, deciding whether or not an item should be purchased, talk through financial decisions and investments, pay bills, find more ways to make money, etc.

Loss of Job

While the loss of a job can lead to financial stress, that’s often just the tip of the iceberg. Calling on an Alter Ego may help with tough moments, like filing for unemployment, applying to new positions, altering a personal budget, attending networking events, asking for help, and more.


Life’s big transitions can be disorienting, and this means they’re a perfect time for an Alter Ego who thrives in uncertain situations to step in to help out. This can include transitions like moving, new relationships, becoming a parent, entering a new phase of life, breakups and separations, new jobs, major changes in health, retirement, empty nesting, and more.


No matter how solid the relationship, it can be helpful to have an Alter Ego waiting in the wings to help with tough moments between partners. This can include arguments, reduced intimacy, transitions, breaches of trust, long-distance relationships, income discrepancies, mismatched priorities, and others.


Regardless of your level of success, comparisonitis can strike anyone. When impostor syndrome rears its head, it’s time to call on an Alter Ego who can rebuild confidence and belief — even when faced with social media brag-fests, high-performing colleagues, seemingly perfect parents, or other triggers.

Emotional stress

In the wake of grief, numbness, anger, overwhelm, burnout, fear, self-criticism, or frustration, an Alter Ego can help navigate periods of emotional stress and reestablish a sense of balance and serenity.


Some find it helpful to turn to an Alter Ego when attempting to improve their health. This can include physical health (illness, injury, weakness, chronic disease, etc.) or mental health (anxiety, depression, eating disorders, etc.).

Major Decisions

Life is a series of decisions, but some decisions have a massive impact on the course of one’s life. In these situations, an Alter Ego can help make a decision that feels right.


Spirituality plays a major role in some people’s lives. In crises or difficult times—or in a period of spiritual exploration, an Alter Ego can help maintain a grounding in one’s belief system.


Sales Calls

Some business owners may find that starting the call in a comfortable, personable manner is a challenge, while others may discover that asking for the sale is a struggle. With an Alter Ego in place, these can become powerful moments that move business forward.

Public Speaking

From a local networking event to a major conference or TED Talk, entrepreneurs the National Social Anxiety Center reports that public speaking is the most common phobia, and entrepreneurs who face it would do well to identify what about the activity scares them.

From there, they can call on their Alter Ego to help them navigate those particular moments or triggers, including writing a speech, choosing clothes, waiting or anticipating stepping on stage, the act of stepping on stage itself, bright lights, looking at an audience, fear of tech glitches, making an ask from stage or others.

Team management

Business owners benefit greatly from the support of a team, but there are times when an Alter Ego can come into play. These times include salary negotiations, interviews, lay-offs, mediations, employee reviews, and difficult discussions.


Whether a business is flush on cash or scraping the bottom of the barrel, unusual cashflow can call for an Alter Ego. When there is a surplus, an Alter Ego can help prevent poor financial decisions. When the reserves are low, the Alter Ego can rebuff self-doubt, the rise of impostor syndrome, or the justification of taking on clients who are a poor fit.

Unmet expectations

When the “actual” revenue line item is under the “expected” amount, a professional development program fails to deliver on its promises, a contractor completes subpar work, or any number of other scenarios, high achievers in business struggle with unmet expectations. They can call on the help of their Alter Ego to get through tough conversations and situations.


Similar to the fear of public speaking, networking activities and events can spark social anxiety and phobias. When business high achievers step into their Alter Ego, they can ease the process, from a handshake and elevator pitch to follow-ups and next steps.


When businesses enter into collaborations, this comes with plenty of opportunities — and challenges. From contract negotiations to follow-through, an Alter Ego can help keep the joint effort a win-win for all parties.

Customer service

Successfully managing customer relationships can come with difficult conversations to maintain boundaries, tough choices to do what’s best, and a generosity of time and energy to make customers feel appreciated. The right Alter Ego can make the process easier.


Overwhelm tends to strike when time management skills are poor or life throws a curveball. When there are many irons in the fire, an Alter Ego can help manage the stress and keep professionals on task.

Media attention

Whether it’s standing in front of a television camera, being interviewed for a podcast, or putting together an article for a publication, addressing media attention can call for an Alter Ego to maintain confidence and ensure follow-through.


High-stakes games

From playoff games and championships to tournaments and matches against rival teams or players, some playing environments are intrinsically more challenging than others. High expectations are placed on athletes and coaches to perform at their highest level, and this can require an Alter Ego to show up in full force during important plays and scoring opportunities.

Injury or illness

It’s an unfortunate reality that players sometimes suffer injuries, Illness, or exhaustion that keeps them from performing at their peak level. When these situations arise, they often add to an athlete’s stress. By stepping into an Alter Ego, an athlete can activate the healing powers of a superhero alter ego, find another gear and push past mental limits on your physical capabilities, move into ‘super-rest and super-recovery’ mode so you can get back to peak health.

Playing conditions

Not all playing environments are ideal for athletes. For instance, there may be slippery and wet surfaces, extremely hot or cold temperatures, strong winds, or low sun. Additionally, facilities may be subpar, noisy, or cramped. In difficult playing conditions, calling on an Alter Ego may help an athlete succeed.

Social Stress

When athletes play before spectators, social pressure can set in. A crowd of cheering, booing, noisy fans—plus announcers detailing every move and even televised audiences—can cause a high level of stress for players. Alter Egos may help them tune out the noise and social pressure and focus on the Field of Play.

Financial pressure

Regardless of sponsorships, salaries, or bonuses, athletes may feel financial pressure at times in their career. The cost of coaching, equipment, travel, and other expenses can weigh heavily on sports figures. Alter Egos can help them navigate significant expenses and financial pressures with as much finesse as they demonstrate while competing.


Distractions can come in many forms for athletes, as well as other high-performers. These can include physical distractions (uncomfortable uniform, equipment in need of repairs, weather, injury, spectators, etc.) and emotional distractions (grief, anger, shock, frustration, etc.). By tapping into an Alter Ego, athletes can regain their focus

Complex strategies

From memorizing plays to studying an opponent, many athletes must maintain complex strategies in their memory. This can be a time for an analytical or detail-oriented Alter Ego to support this process.

Public interactions

Athletes experience a number of public interactions in which an Alter Ego can be useful, including interviews, fan interactions, press opportunities, charity work, school visits, and speaking engagements.

Team Communication

Moments of collaboration and teamwork are a given for many sports, before, during, and after the game. During the times when teammates need leadership and focus, an Alter Ego can help players show up as a dependable asset to the team


Often, solo athletes, such as rock climbers, surfers, cyclists, or distance runners, find themselves in positions where they must persevere in spite of extreme odds — and unlike those in team sports, they must do so alone. An Alter Ego will help them move forward and maintain focus, even when exhaustion sets in.