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Media & Interview Requests

Thank you for your interest in interviewing Todd, we sincerely appreciate it. So we can make scheduling happen as quickly as possible, please answer the few questions below to expedite the process.

As an FYI, our marketing director places a priority on podcasts/shows that:

  1. Promote the content in small bites for social media consumption
  2. Create multiple formats (e.g. articles, video, social posts, podcast, etc.)
  3. Have an audience that Todd can actually serve with his products, programs etc.
  4. Create a singular dedicated promotion (e.g. focused email communication just about the interview; round up email newsletters with multiple links to different content aren’t prioritized)

Thank you!

  • (If other than the Host)
  • Who Tunes In
  • (Business, Sports, Health, Self-Help, etc.)
  • Please provide a link to your online calendar:
  • (If someone connected us, or you heard about me through a friend, it helps to mention here so I can thank them.)