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The Alter Ego Effect

The Field of Play

Who we are, specifically the person we bring to our various Fields of Play and how we perform, is heavily influenced by external and internal factors. I break these groups of influence into four layers that surround our Core Self.

The Field of Play is the area of context. In this layer, we’re influenced by our actual physical environment; the circumstances; the constraints; the people, places, and things that we interact with; and their expectations.

When you become more intentional about what characteristics will show up on an important Field of Play for you, you’ll activate creative energy powering a new level of performance.

Becoming clear about your intentions, identifying the benefits you get from an activity, and determining what you want to achieve on a Field of Play is what will help unlock your Heroic Self.

The Alter Ego Effect

Positive Emotions

What do you want to: Start (believing, expecting, feeling, doing, valuing etc)... Do More of (believe more, expect more, feel more, value more) and, Continue… (believing, expecting, feeling, valuing etc)….

Once you know what you want, what do you need to believe in order to make those actions feel more effortless, joyful, or more comfortable? What do you need to expect about yourself or the Field of Play you’re standing on to make those changes happen?

And, what do you need to value about yourself, the world, the people you interact with, your skills, and your knowledge to feel more confident, decisive, enthusiastic, peaceful, optimistic, etc?

The Alter Ego Effect

Action Resource List

How are you showing up? How are you acting? How are you behaving? What choices are you making? If you pass all those questions over the bridges of Starting, Continuing, and More of, you’ll get even more clear about how the “new you” will show up.

Maybe you want to ask for the sale more often, paint more, act more confidently, book more meetings, make more eye contact, or reach out to people more often. These are the new actions you could take during those Moments of Impact.

In the Ordinary World, these are the actions, thoughts, or behaviors you’re currently not taking or having, which is, in turn, is preventing you from achieving the results that you want.

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