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ACHIEVE Your Biggest Goals


Discover And Employ The Alter Ego Method™ Used By Over 75,000 Elite Athletes, Successful Entrepreneurs, And High Achievers To Help Them Get Out Of Their Own Way, And Reveal Skills, Traits, And, Talents Hidden Because Of Their Current Identity…


“It’s counter-intuitive and makes perfect sense…this process for improved performance works and has done for millenia.”

Matthew Kimberley

“The confidence building habits of high performers in diverse fields …have never been more clear – and now I even know the science behind those actions… I now see clearly how I can apply the same techniques to my own life.”

Chris Foti

“I used this exact strategy to get to the top of my sport. This is truly what elite professionals do to win.”

Frank Shamrock


Maybe you thought you would be earning more money right now…

Enjoying a different career path…

Feeling more confident at work…

Getting more winning shots on the field…

Thriving in a happy marriage…

But instead, you feel like you’re falling short..like something is always missing.

Whatever your goals are in life, what has stopped you from really going for it and having it all?

For most people, it’s not that they don’t have goals or the skills to pursue them.

For most people, it’s hitting a BIG wall of resistance and battling the inner critic and you think, “Maybe I’m just not cut out for this…” 

Chronic worrying.
The stories you tell yourself.
Judgment from other people (including you).

They rob you of the chance to succeed.

This is what stops you from starting that new business.

Stops you from taking the next winning shot.

Stops you from going after bigger and better, and… 

But you’re not alone

Even the most accomplished, high-achieving individuals of our time experience these thoughts and feelings.

But what makes them plow ahead anyway…

What makes them overcome challenges and come out ahead…

What makes them accomplish incredible things and do it with grace and conviction…
Comes down to ONE thing. 

Whatever your goals are in life, what has stopped you from really going for it and having it all?



Even Celebrities Use “Secret Identities” to Deliver Their Best Performance

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NFL Films

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Lady gaga

Reveals Who Lady Gaga Really is On The Oprah Winfrey Show…

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'Iron Cowboy'

James Lawrence

Shares How & Why He Created His Alter Ego

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Shares How Her Sasha Fierce Character Helps Her Perform at Her Best




Remember playing pretend as a child?

Maybe you called on your inner Olympic gymnast to swing across the monkey bars.

Or you became a famous chef when baking a batch of cookies. Or you transformed into a news reporter to give a school presentation.

As we grow up, we forget the power of our own imagination. We’re told the act of “playing pretend” is childish.

It’s not. In fact, that idea is dead wrong. There’s a whole lot of wisdom within your natural creative imagination.

Those secret identities (or “Alter Egos”) are still there, sitting on the bench, waiting for you to activate them. 

This is the identity you put on, almost like a suit or an outfit…

To “become” somebody else, even for a few hours..

It’s like Clark Kent who loses the glasses and puts on his cape before he can go out into the world to save people.

That’s his Alter Ego at play.

It’s like Mister Rogers (Fred Rogers) who plays Daniel Tiger on his show to share stories and emotions.

But at the core of this is a fascinating truth…

The Alter Ego is still you, and could be who you truly are…

Something happens — a process, or a switch — that transforms your current identity into something more fluid…

Check out what Fred Rogers’ wife shares about Fred’s role as Daniel

And because you’re unshackling from your current identity. And all the stories, beliefs, and attitudes of what you think ‘YOU’ can do. And you intentionally adopt the characteristics you MOST want to show up with…

You begin to reveal to yourself and the world, what you’re truly capable of achieving.

And, I call it the Alter Ego Method™.

What’s crazy is, this isn’t something taught in self-help and personal development books. 

That’s why I wrote The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life.

My book reveals how to create and control an Alter Ego — just like thousands of athletes, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and entertainers are doing to achieve massive success in their lives.

This is a whole new level of personal transformation.

But I’m not here

to sell you on my book...

Before you ready any further, I want to be clear about something.

I’m not here to sell you on my book…

After seeing what an IMPACT this book and method has had on thousands of people around the world…

I’ve taken the core teachings and principles of the book and created a system where you can learn and APPLY it all to your own life.

But just remember: This isn’t a method to “fake it ‘til you make it”.

Instead, it’s designed to uncover the superhero already inside you.

It’s a tool and framework for tapping into your CORE self so that success is inevitable — whether that success is at home, in your business, on a stage, on camera, online, or anywhere else in your life.

And now you can undergo your own transformation using the Alter Ego  Method™ in just ONE weekend. 


“New You In a Weekend”


New You In A Weekend is the ONLY online identity transformation program proven over 19 years, 100,000+ students, and 100’s of different applications. 

This comprehensive program that hands over the keys to a “backdoor shortcut” for achieving virtually anything you want in life.

Whether you’re struggling to level up your career…

Want a better marriage…

Want to grow your business…

Want to be a better parent…

Or simply want to upgrade your life and accelerate your personal growth… 

Whatever your goals are in life, what has stopped you from really going for it and having it all?

This is YOUR time to…

Unleash Your Superpowers

By Letting Your Alter Ego Come Out to Play

It’s time to tap into your innate ability to respond to challenges and obstacles with confidence…

To start kicking ass in virtually ANY area of your life…

And develop an entirely new mental model of the world, and your place in it, so you can achieve anything you want. 

Over just ONE weekend, you can adopt a whole new way of thinking and interacting with your world.

The four in-depth modules will show you how to build and leverage your Alter Ego,

Identify the blocks that are holding you back from unleashing your superpowers, and get crystal clear on what you REALLY want in life so you can create an exciting and inspiring roadmap to get you there.

All you need to do is block out some time in your calendar to watch the lessons and complete the missions.

Complete the Pre-Class Adventures.

Channel your “student” Alter Ego to absorb all the information.

And come out of the weekend with an entirely NEW way of approaching your life, and your goals. 

The “New You In a Weekend” Program Is for You If You:

What’s Included In the


Module 1

Course Overview & Introduction to The Alter Ego Effect Method

Module 2

Choose Your Field of Play & Name the Enemy

Module 3

Create Your Extraordinary World & Identify Your

Module 4

Build Your Alter Ego & Take It to the World

2x Pre-Class Adventures

Get ready for the trainings with two adventures that will get you focused on the foundations of using The Alter Ego Effect in your daily life. These simple exercises will help you clarify and break down your goals on your discovery of who you really are…

Strategic Missions & Quests

Over the course of the program, you’ll receive a series of strategic missions and quests to help you stay focused, deepen your understanding of the method (and yourself), and empower you to step out into the world as the hero you are.

Access to Private Member Portal

Your experience is uniquely yours and will likely be life-changing. However, you’ll receive UNLIMITED access to all the content and resources so you can return to the process any time you want to adjust your goals or explore another Field of Play.


 Creating Your Alter Ego Checklist

Use this checklist as a guide to work through the four modules and keep track of your progress.


Alter Ego Effect Method Canvas

Map out your Field of Play, Origin Story, and other key elements for developing your Alter Ego with this easy-to-follow outline.


What our client says...


“You just got me to create AND walk the path to leveling up my own skill-set for the sake of this newly created “being”. Keep doing the transformative work that inspires people to live with excellence and power.”

Michelle G.

Nicole R.

“The material is extremely powerful, accessible, and actionable. This class and book were transformational for me. I now have a way to identify and frame this demon in my head. The Alter Ego is the ideal tool to move past it.”

Linda C.

“Thank you! I think this is the secret key to unlocking our success powers in life!! Ironically, it’s things we sort of know and play with but have been doing it spasmodically, here and there, rather unconsciously. You provide a system and clearly spell out the exact steps and procedures to make this work for us, instead of against us, to unleash our inner allies instead of our letting those nasty gremlins of fear and doubt run amok.”

Sam P.

“I now have a valuable and foolproof way to provide me with the motivation and clarity of thought I need to face any situation with confidence.”

This is everything you need to master The Alter Ego Effect™ Method and accelerate towards your goals…

And Your Results Are

100% Guaranteed

The Alter Ego Effect™ Method has been proven over the course of two decades and been tested by more than 75,000 professionals, through a combination of scientific research and practical application. It’s helped athletes land a spot in the Olympics, entrepreneurs secure major clients, and top-performers navigate challenges with toughness and dignity.

If you do the work and follow the process, you’ll see incredible results. I’m so confident, I’m backing this Masterclass up with a risk-free guarantee.

If for whatever reason you do the work but do NOT see a notable change in your performance, email me within 14 days of your enrollment date. As long as you’ve put in the effort on your end, I’ll return every dime of your investment.”

— Todd Herman 

As a  Peak performance coach and consultant,

clients pay me several thousand dollars a day to teach them The Alter Ego Effect™ Method and show them how to apply it in their daily lives…

But right now you can get ALL of my teachings, workbooks, checklists, and guides to implement this in your own life for a FRACTION of my consulting fees.

For a limited time, I’m offering the entire program with the FREE bonuses, for… 

$999 Value
Only $199

YES! I Want To Upgrade My Life with the Alter Ego Effect Method!

You Must Take Action NOW Because…

The Biggest Crime You Can Commit Against Yourself is Living Life Way Below Your Potential...

Why not give yourself the chance to break free of limitations.

To live without judgment and confidently move towards your goals.
To pursue your dreams as though you have ALL the support you will ever need.

I’ll show you how to do ALL of that (and more) over just ONE weekend in “The New You in a Weekend” program.

Based on the principles of The Alter Ego Effect™, you’ll discover a new way of making your way in the world.

Let your inner superhero push you to your limits.

Let your secret identity transform your life.

It’s all waiting for you in this PROVEN, content-packed program that has already changed the lives of so many people who were feeling stuck…disappointed…and feeling like they just keep falling short of their goals, hopes and dreams. 

About the Creator,

Todd Herman

A farm boy from Alberta, Canada, Todd leveraged his own Alter Ego to become an advisor to Olympic and professional athletes, business leaders, and entrepreneurs. His training company, Herman Performance Systems, and his unique 90 Day Year model, empower professionals in sports and business to achieve their goals.

Through his work, the Alter Ego Effect™ Method was born, and he’s leveraged this methodology to help thousands of high-achieving, ambitious people get the results they desire (and never thought possible).

Named by the Boston Herald as a “Training Superstar”, Todd has shared his methods with the world through his bestseller, The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life. Since then his work has been featured on the Today Show, Sky News, Inc. Magazine, CBS, Business Insider, and more.

Todd developed the “New You In a Weekend” program to bring his system to more people, in a more immersive way — because when more people activate their most heroic self they make a bigger impact and the world becomes a better place.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to transform how you show up for the most pivotal moments in your life — if you see a gap between your desired outcomes and your current results in any area of your life — the Alter Ego Effect™ Method is for you.

You’ll get the most out of the Masterclass if you’ve read Todd Herman’s bestseller, The Alter Ego Effect™, and want to get more instruction, depth, and nuance when creating your own Alter Ego, as well as examples of real-life Alter Egos in action — whether in business, life, career, parenting, or sport.

Inside the Masterclass, you’ll find guidance for putting the method to use in your life. The Masterclass benefits high-achievers of all stripes. Everyone is gifted with a creative imagination, and this program will show you how to leverage it to combat resistance, face challenges head on, and perform at levels you never thought possible.

The Alter Ego Effect™ Method Masterclass is a 4-module DIY program walking you through every detail of creating a fully-formed Alter Ego to transform your life. (Yes, it sounds dramatic… and yes, it’s real.)

The Masterclass will ask you to reflect honestly and deeply throughout the process, so the time you take is up to you. We recommend setting aside a few hours for each module.

You’ll get access to video lessons and detailed workbooks with thought-provoking questions, examples, and instructions for each module. Every aspect of the program is delivered virtually, so you can complete it at your own pace, from anywhere in the world. All of that for a $199 investment.

Okay, high-performer — you’re ready to kick this process off. Your first step to joining the Masterclass is to purchase the course. Once you do so, look for an email with your next steps.

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